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Revered-Clear Quartz


Image of Revered-Clear Quartz
  • Image of Revered-Clear Quartz

Elephants are recognized as sacred symbols in many cultures, honored for their strength, intelligence, leadership and nuturing nature. My late Aunt Mona was a dedicated, lifelong collector of these beautiful creatures as she believed them to bring good luck to her and those who entered her home. They are also an unofficial symbol of my collegiate sorority, so my admiration for elephants runs deep.

In this piece, solid brass elephant charm takes center stage accented by clear quartz gemstones.

Clear Quartz is a stone that amplifies and transfers the energy of other stones. It serves as a great tool for meditation as it activates every chakra and is directly connected to the crown chakra. Aids in the healing of all dis-ease.

Earwires are gold-plated over stainless surgical steel and sensitive ear safe!

3 inches long

*All items are packaged "gift ready" in a natural muslin pouch with stone energy descriptions.