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Spirit Guides - Amazonite


Image of Spirit Guides - Amazonite
  • Image of Spirit Guides - Amazonite

Whether it's the angel and devil battling on on your shoulder.

Your sweet grandma versus your fiesty best friend, whispering in your ear.

Or your intuition and fears racing for first place.

Spirit Guides are that little extra nudge you need to go in the direction of your dreams.
They say that the right shoes can change your life, we think the right earrings can do the same!

*Amazonite is a stone that aids in balancing of the physical and astral bodies.
*It serves as a protector against stress and pollution while cultivating love and balance.
*Assists in the communication of repressed feelings.
*Aids with Heart Chakra work.

Natural Amazonite hand-wrapped in solid brass with silk tassels dance to create the perfect pair of statement earrings for day or night!

*Earwires are gold-plated over stainless surgical steel
*Sensitive ear safe!
4 inches long

*Each pair is unique in color and design as they are natural elements straight from nature.

*All items are packaged "gift ready" in a natural muslin pouch with stone energy descriptions.