Hello and Welcome to my shop!

I'm Jacquel Dianne, the girl behind the pliers at Decorated Jewelry.

I was born and raised in New Orleans and first started making jewelry in high school when I couldn't find what I imagined in stores.                                             

During high school, a friend and I stopped into the local bead shop while walking through our neighborhood and soon after I began frequenting the shop, making a few pieces for myself here and there. 

Well, senior year rolls around and it's time to find a prom dress! After I found a dress that I loved, but just could not afford, I enlisted my mom and some friends to help me re-create my dream dress by beading the back of the gown. It turned out beautiful, but my family and friends made me promise to stop finding inspiration with tiny beads that they couldn't see!

After high school, I went off to college and put jewelry making aside as I got busy with the business of being a college student and all that comes with it.

However, while living in Chicago for graduate school, I picked up the art again as therapy while dealing with the chaos of life and I'm so grateful that I did.

Some of the inspiration for my work comes from nature and my childhood memories and travels, but much of it comes at times while I'm just driving in my car, relaxing or during yoga class when my mind begins to roam. Inspiration is a blessing in any package!

So know that wherever you go, whatever you do, or whatever life looks like for you, inspiration can be there. I just hope that you'll allow me to add a little decoration to your life's journey!


-Jacquel Dianne